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    Page 3 --] 1 Juggler's Method. Open with anything. It can be opinion or a situation or introducing yourself or even bleeding on people. In dynamic situation (store. it teaches you to build your conversational skills so you don't have to memorize lines and routines. It teaches you to connect with women by. JUGGLER METHOD AND FOAM, WORD TEKNO'S JUGGLER METHOD OVERVIEW Ok, consider this a preview of my upcoming PDF.

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    Juggler Method Pdf

    00 - Juggler Method[1] - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. juggler - the juggler method conversational jujitsu - dokument [*.pdf] The Juggler Method Conversational Jujitsu Seduction Manual - 3 - Compiled By The Guru 1. Author: Juggler; Type: Downloadable PDF; Size: Kb; Downloaded: times; Categories: Pickup Masters; Wayne s book shows you exactly how to talk.

    Automatyczne logowanie. How to Say Emotional Revisited It can be opinion or a situation or introducing yourself or even bleeding on people. In dynamic situation store and moving people a situational opener tends to work well. But in clubs or static situations I like to just introduce myself. The key is not the opener. The opener does not matter much.

    You'll never run out of things to talk about and you'll know that the girls actually like you for YOU-not because you memorized some pickup lines or went around pretending you're something you're not.

    This is pure natural game and it works very well. The second part of the book shows you how to apply this stuff in real-world situations. It contains several scenarios and dialogues between Wayne and women that he meets ranging from bars to bookstores and everything in between. This part is great to read before going out because it puts you in a light and relaxed mood.

    You feel more sociable and you can actually see yourself doing the things that Wayne does. The book is absolutely golden! Best of all, this book doesn't just teach you how to be great with women, it will help you in just about any other social situation.

    You can use the conversational techniques to boost your own popularity and be more socially confident in general. I also took their Charm School bootcamp when they came to my town a few years back. I didn't have the honor to work with Juggler himself, but the coaches I worked with were amazing! After an entire weekend of meeting and talking with women followed by their own personalized feedback given to me that helped me blow past my sticking points, I was totally on fire!

    Doing this stuff live really drills it into you and it becomes part of you. Bottom line, this stuff is solid gold! This is by far one of the best dating advice books I've ever gotten my hands on. Wayne was one of the first pickup "gurus" to hold in-field seminars, when he created a company called "Seduction Arts" later renamed "Charisma Arts" back in Wayne's style of pickup differs from other early gurus such as Mystery, in that it doesn't rely on canned material or routines.

    Instead, the Juggler method focuses on how to have conversations where people open up to you, and how to make genuine emotional connections. Wayne Elise aka "Juggler" is the founder of Charisma Arts and a master of conversational game.

    It's either that or my inability to articulate it all. However, it should all be clear once I finish my book. That is, you must be prepared to provide 90 percent of the conversation at the beginning of an interaction with a woman until she is warmed up.

    Not enough and the conversation will stall and collapse. On approach PUA should follow the rule. She is experiencing a dramatic state change and needs time to warm up to the conversation.

    The Seduction Manual - 4 - Compiled By The Guru The Juggler Method Conversational Jujitsu conversation then crumbles and the guy goes away thinking that the girl does not like them or they didn't use the right opening or whatever. So what you are doing is pretty good for the beginning of the interaction.

    As you said, you "blast through". You just need to give her more opportunity to respond but be ready to jump in when she can not. What you can frequently do is ask very open ended questions which she has never heard before.

    You want her to give you a great answer but you are not expecting her to. You are prepared either way. If she does give a great answer you can use the feelings off of it. If she answers with, "Um I don't know. This clarifying takes the form of you giving her an example from your life. Example: You: What did you want to be when you were ten years old? Her: What? I don't remember. You: Well that is too bad because it is useful to remember. If we can get in touch with our passions we had at that time we can learn alot about what gets us excited today.

    For instance, when I was ten I knew exactly what I wanted to be. Her: What did you want to be? You: I wanted to be an astronaut. I even had this great way of training. I had a globe in my room and I would spin it and then quickly climb up onto my bunk bed and lean over like this and pretend I was floating around the Earth. Pause When my sister would come in the door she would be the space alien.

    Zap zap Now, once you warm her up she will begin to give more and more umph to the conversation. As her input grows you should give her the room to take more of the conversational workload. Within that structure plan the close. Opening 1 Minute 2. Set a mood or entertain 10 Minutes 3. Close This structure is not based on indicators of interest. If she is there after you set the mood that is your indicator — you close.

    Sure if you are getting bad signals, eject or vanish or whatever you want to call it. But do not wait around for indicators which may never come. In fact, if a girl is very attracted to you, she may actively work at hiding those signs. Then confirm this by closing. Also, closing off an EV question is very effective. Make the values questions into hoops. You are qualifying them. Give her a few. The moment she passes one in flying fashion by giving you an answer that is poignant or to which you can really relate, look deep in her eyes and ask her if she wants to kiss you or ask her how you two can continue your conversation another time or whatever works for you.

    This will appear natural and smooth. Do not waste time. Have faith in your abilities. A structure will give you even more confidence in yourself. She can not do this without imagining having sex with you. A good SOI is really a sensually painted picture of the two of you doing pleasurable physical things to each other.

    Work on making the picture enticing.

    00 - Juggler Method[1]

    Even if she turns the SOI down, she will still have to vision what you are talking about. That in and of itself is a good thing. An SOI does show value. It says you can talk about sex candidly. Thus you must be a man who seduces many women.

    Ironically, showing an ability to candidly and smoothly SOI can make a girl more likely to chase you. You can SOI without chasing her. For instance, "If I were to kiss you, on a scale from how would I rate your kiss?

    Figure out how to incorporate SOI into your game and you will notice a huge improvement in getting girls into bed fast. Also, keep in mind an SOI should only be used after you have attracted the girl. So in a sense, she is SOI-ing you already. You can also reverse SOI: "I am not the kind of guy who would just take a woman home the first night I met her and give her a night of pleasure and continuous orgasms.

    I'm not that easy. Well, at least you have to download me a couple of drinks first. Many girls will reject an SOI. They have to because they do not want to come across as sluts. You should come home with me and help me finish it off. Hey doesn't that girl over there look like Julia Roberts? If she is going to reject the SOI you do a take away. You are pretty tall. Forget it. I don't have enough for you. And if you give her the chance to reject an SOI, and she does, then just laugh.

    This is good because it shows that you will not take her rejection of your advances seriously. This works because she knows she has to shoot down the SOI so she doesn't look like a slut.

    But she really wants to go home with you or may later after you make her really horny with more SOIs. She just needs to get her protest on the record but does not want you to actually stop under this 'technical rejection'. When you laugh, it is like a wink - shows that you understand her rejection has to be there for the record. Make sense? Many guys seem to have trouble using SOIs because they feel incongruent with themselves. Using an SOI seems like introducing a huge state change.

    But when a guy is unwilling to do this the interaction is probably messed up already. He was probably not bold at the approach. To really make an impact on a girl and get her wanting you deeply that night you have to demonstrate that you are a man who will boldly make state changes. This is real confidence.

    You need to show from beginning to end that you have what it takes to introduce state changes. And show that once you move her to a new state, you can keep her there and make it enjoyable. Thus she understands that you can get her into bed a state change resolutely and smoothly and it will be a pleasurable experience - you have established a good track record.

    Guys get rapport with a girl and use good material and then they wonder why they can't close the deal and get the girl into bed. This is usually because they have been unwilling from the very start to make dramatic state changes.

    That is why you should never look for ways to ease into an approach with a girl. A gimmick or trick to get a girl talking with you may indeed start a long conversation but it will hurt you when trying to close the deal. You need to be bold from beginning to end and make many dramatic state changes throughout. You sort of have to be congruently incongruent. Then the SOI is in character. Then the SOI will be eventually accepted. That brings me to another point. All it takes for a girl to accept an SOI is not to reject it.

    She is very unlikely to say, "Yes, let's go do that". That is one reason why SOIs should rarely be phrased as questions. If you do this you are pretty much negating any chance for her to accept the SOI.

    Instead make statements: "We should go back to my house and watch the cat do back flips while you give me a massage. If she says nothing then you are in. You should presume she is coming home with you. Keep this pattern up and if you make your SOIs creatively seductive enough and make it clear you are want to give her pleasure then she will get real horny and eventually accept one.

    One other thing, after she accepts the SOI and you take her home you may have to repeatedly SOI until you are actually having sex with her. Also, you may find it helpful to agree when she tells you that she is not the type of girl to sleep with someone the night she met him.

    Keep nodding on this account. This is another 'on record rejection' which saves her face while you are seducing body 'off record'. Never fight her rejections of an SOI.

    Juggler - How To Be A Pickup Artist

    Just consider them for book keeping sake only. So it seems as if you could use SOI to the same effectiveness as I have. But who knows If you try to take her clothes off, that is an SOI. You may be trying to avoid all risk until the last moment. I'm sure you have had success with setting the mood, kinoing the girls and then building it up into sex.

    That can work. But your life will get much easier if you can figure out how to incorporate SOI into your game. Or, if you were using my system, after you had forced IOIs. The close is simply the accounting details of making it happen - numbers or driving situations, etc.

    The close should be almost an after thought. For a better understanding of an SOI let's look at the approach. You can call the approach a type of SOI. The mere fact that you are coming to talk to her is letting her know you are interested.

    The Juggler Method pdf

    That is why you can not sneak in. Guys continually come up with gimmicks to try to get in risk-free. Problem is, a hot girl has been hit on since she was thirteen.

    She can see this coming a mile away. She may or may not shoot such a guy down, she may even talk with him for awhile but she will not respond to him like she does a confident guy who comes in unafraid of a risk. Girls don't understand a lot about what really works on them but they are right when they say they want a bold confident man.

    Demonstrate this to her. And ironically, if you come in arrogantly exposed to fire you will be less likely to be shot. Well an SOI works similarly. You demonstrate you are unafraid to tell her straight out what you can do for her sexually. They are timid. They try to sneak her into bed. They hope that rapport or kino will be enough. Well some times it is, but many times it is not - you have to put the picture in her mind. You have to get over the avoidance of risk.

    Instead court risk. She needs to see that you can work around her anti-slut protocol. You feel that her saying NO is a bad precedent.